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The DiamondGlow Facial infuses your skin with the best-in-class serum while exfoliating. You’ll walk out of our office with skin that appears more radiant, healthier, and softer with less pore congestion. You’ll get more than just a facial. It’s a natural glow-up that your skin will adore. The patented recessed diamond tip wand delivers resurfacing treatment that deeply cleans and rejuvenates the dermis. With this all-in-one facial, the wand exfoliates, extracts impurities, and infuses your skin with nourishing professional-grade serums. The modern technology it uses penetrates the deepest layers of the skin. Give your skin a replenished, smooth complexion. 

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The Diamond Glow Facial primarily treats the face. It can also be used on the neck, back, chest, and decolletage. 

You’ll see visible results the same day as treatment. 

The results last two to four weeks. 

There are minimal side effects because it’s a surface treatment. You might get mild tenderness that subsides within a few hours.

The Treatment

During the procedure, your skin is cleansed before we apply the facial. The particular strength and depth are handpicked by our experts and determined during your consultation. All settings are customizable and will be adjusted depending on your skin’s condition. The facial is applied to the skin using the wand device. You may feel mild heating sensations for a few minutes, and cool compresses are used on the targeted area. This treatment combines three techniques into a single treatment. The exfoliation phase removes dull skin cells, the extraction phase profoundly cleanses the skin and extracts dirt and oil from your pores, and the serum infusion phase coats your skin with a serum that hydrates and nourishes. 

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