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Physician Prescribed Appetite Suppressants

San Diego – Physician-prescribed appetite suppressants at B Medical Spa offer a safe and medically supervised way to curb your appetite and jumpstart your weight loss journey. Our tailored approach ensures the medication is right for you, with ongoing support and monitoring to help you achieve your health goals.

Reclaim Your Health

Now is the perfect opportunity to reclaim your health and achieve your weight loss goals with B Medical Spa’s physician-prescribed appetite suppressants. Our program is designed to be safe, medically supervised, and tailored to meet your unique needs and expectations. We understand that weight management is a journey that extends beyond initial success, emphasizing the importance of ongoing support and lifestyle adjustments for sustained health and well-being. Our FDA-approved prescription diet pills effectively curb appetite, kickstarting your weight loss journey with expert guidance and continuous education on nutrition and behavioral changes.

Why Choose Physician-Prescribed Weight Loss?

At B Medical Spa, we offer cutting-edge medical weight loss solutions that are both safe and highly effective. Whether you’re looking to kickstart your journey towards initial weight loss or maintain long-term results, our options are proven to meet your needs.

Dr. Haddad, board certified in obesity medicine, provides personalized guidance tailored to your goals, medical history, nutritional habits, and metabolism. Our program includes the use of FDA-approved prescription diet pills to suppress appetite and initiate rapid weight loss. Comprehensive screening, including blood work and EKG, ensures your candidacy, with monthly follow-ups to track progress and optimize your success.

How To Get Started

To start your journey with physician-prescribed appetite suppressants at B Medical Spa & Wellness Center, schedule a consultation with our esteemed on-site physician, Dr. Nadine Haddad. Double board certified in Obesity and Family Medicine, Dr. Haddad will explain how the prescribed medication works, address any questions or concerns, and thoroughly review your medical history to ensure suitability for the treatment. Lab blood work is conducted as part of the initial assessment to confirm safety and appropriateness for the medication. Once approved, you’ll begin the treatment regimen, guided by Dr. Haddad to ensure it is comfortable and effective. Throughout your journey, our team provides personalized guidance on medication usage, ongoing monitoring, and motivational support to help you reach your weight loss goals. Regular safety monitoring and comprehensive lab assessments ensure close tracking of your progress and allow adjustments to your treatment plan as necessary.

Our Medical Weight Loss Packages Include:

  • Safety Monitoring: Ensuring your health and safety through regular assessments.
  • Monthly Follow-Up with On-Site Physician: Personalized consultations to monitor progress and adjust treatment as necessary.
  • Weigh-Ins and Check-Ins: Regular assessments to track weight loss and provide ongoing support and encouragement.


At B Medical Spa & Wellness Center, we are committed to your success in achieving sustainable weight loss and improved wellness with Semaglutide. Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Nadine Haddad and embark on a path to a healthier you.


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