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What Is PRP For Hair Loss? How It Works For Hair Regrowth ?

What Is PRP For Hair Loss? How It Works For Hair Regrowth ?

What Is PRP For Hair Loss? How It Works For Hair Regrowth | B Medical Spa and Wellness Center | bmedspa | San Diego, CA

Fifty to one hundred hairs fall out daily, with other people experiencing much slower or no regrowth. 85% of men will get male-pattern baldness by the time they reach age 50. This is why there has been an uptick in the popularity of PRP rejuvenation as a hair regrowth therapy.

Many scientists believe that male-pattern baldness can be traced back to androgenetic alopecia or changes in male hormone levels. Hair loss is a common consequence of aging and can upset many people.

Doctors commonly use platelet-rich plasma to speed up the healing process of damaged tissues. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can aid in hair restoration.

Although PRP rejuvenation therapy is still considered experimental, it has been shown to stimulate hair growth. So how exactly do medical professionals utilize PRP to promote hair growth? Is there any research that confirms its usefulness?

What Is PRP?

Understanding the function of platelets is crucial to grasping the whole mechanism of action of the PRP treatment.

The bone marrow produces platelets called thrombocytes, which are tiny, colorless cells that break off from larger cells (megakaryocytes). Even smaller than the red blood cells in your bloodstream are the platelets.

Platelets constantly circulating throughout the body create blood clots when they find a wound and clump together to stop the bleeding. They are responsible for preventing excessive blood loss. They are the first to arrive at a fire or other emergency scene.

The platelets for the PRP therapy will need to be extracted, which requires a blood sample and a spin in a centrifuge. The machine spins at a quick yet controlled velocity, separating the different types of blood cells as it goes. You can clearly tell the difference between red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in a vial.

In this procedure, just the platelets are extracted from a blood vial and employed in the treatment; the remaining plasma is discarded.

The healing approach can be sped up thanks to the abundance of proteins and growth factors in Platelet-Rich Plasma. PRP is commonly utilized in the sports medicine community to treat a variety of muscle, tendon, and ligament ailments. When injected into the scalp, the PRP’s components stimulate hair growth.

It is unclear how or why PRP stimulates hair growth. Androgenetic alopecia accounts for the extensive bulk of cases of male-pattern baldness. According to certain studies, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) may be able to reverse the symptoms of the genetic hair-loss disorder androgenetic alopecia.

What Does Science Say About PRP?

If it’s unclear how exactly PRP stimulates hair growth, and the treatment is somewhat of an experimental approach, why is this treatment offered as a solution for hair loss? Despite missing pieces in the picture, that doesn’t negate PRP’s effectiveness. Here’s what science says about PRP and hair loss. 

There has been ample research into the efficacy of PRP treatment for hair loss. The total number of participants in the study conducted by Alves and Grimalt was 22, evenly distributed between the two groups. Group A had 3 milliliters of PRP injected into their right scalp and 3 milliliters of placebo to their left. Members of Group B, in comparison, got a placebo injection in their right arm and 3 milliliters of PRP in their left.

Success justifies all of our labor. After 3 and 6 months, there was a noticeable increase in hair thickness in both Group A and Group B. Group A exhibits an upward trend in hair density only on the right side of the head. In Group B, we see an increase in hair density on the left side of the scalp but no change on the right.

Singhal conducted a second trial of PRP therapy in 2015 to establish its effectiveness further. Twenty people participated in Singhal’s small-scale controlled clinical investigation, with eight males and ten females split evenly between two groups.

When we used PRP, things started looking up right away. Six of the responders noticed a difference after the first week, while it took the other four until the 15th day. By the end of the third month, all subjects exhibited visible hair regrowth.

What is the success rate of platelet-rich plasma therapy? Multiple studies have shown that PRP therapy can stimulate hair growth.

When Should You Consider PRP Treatment?

Stress (emotional or physical), illness (infectious or otherwise), inheritance, and some medications have all been linked to male-pattern baldness. Hair regrowth may be prompted if even one of these causes can be eliminated. If your hair continues to thin, it’s time to see a doctor.

Hair loss treatment is more effective the sooner it is started. If you have sudden hair loss, it may indicate something more serious that needs immediate medical attention.

PRP For Hair Loss Procedure

Even though PRP therapy is a straightforward procedure, it often requires three visits to the doctor and three distinct processes to complete. Every four to six months, however, maintenance will be necessary.

The doctor will first draw blood by puncturing a vein in the patient’s arm. The subsequently collected blood from the injection site will be centrifuged. The next step is to use a centrifuge to sort the blood cells into their respective populations. While you can spin them apart, expect it to take about 10 minutes.

The centrifugation separates the platelet-rich plasma, which can be drawn off with a syringe. Next, the PRP is injected into the thinning spots of the scalp.

Adverse Effects

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is safe if you do not have any contagious illnesses because it uses your blood.

An allergic reaction to the anesthetics is the only possible threat. Please inform your doctor if you are allergic to any prescribed painkillers.


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) rejuvenation therapy is one of the most effective methods for regrowing lost hair. When considering locations for platelet-rich plasma therapy, consider contacting B Medical Spa and Wellness Center. Their services are adaptable and personalized to fit your demands.

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